February 21, 2024


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Types Of Upskilling Your Business Might Need 

How Companies Can Use Upskilling and Reskilling | FlexJobs

In order to grow and cultivate a strong business, you need to invest in your staff – their needs, their happiness, and also their skills and talents. Many of your staff will have natural talent, but being able to develop skills is so useful for your business. Upskilling your workforce can allow your business to take on more work and start more demanding and difficult projects, making you more money and supporting your professional expansion. Here are four types of upskilling efforts your business might need to be able to thrive in 2024.

Industry Awareness

This may not seem like much of an upskilling process, but it is surprising how many workers lack knowledge of their industry – and it could be holding them back at work. Many people don’t know the common rules and regulations, up-to-date news and more – this means that they don’t have all the information available to do their job to the best of their ability. For example, grandfather rights are ending in the UK – this means that some construction workers will need an NVQ to be able to renew their CSCS card. Lack of knowledge surrounding this could mean that many workers will no longer be able to do their jobs – cultivating industry awareness is one of the best ways to subtly upskill your staff. 

More Qualifications

One of the many things that could be holding your workers back is the lack of official qualifications. Because many people learn on the job, they don’t necessarily have the qualification certificates to back up their talents and knowledge. However, there are many avenues which don’t involve sending your workers back to college – many companies will do on-site/on-job assessment so they can gain their qualification while they work. This is available from digital marketing qualifications to NVQs in construction. Getting your staff the qualifications they need is an essential part of upskilling. 

Education In Technology

There is a huge skills gap when it comes to technology in the workplace, and many people still do not know how to use computers and other technology effectively. This isn’t just affecting older workers – many of Gen Z are struggling to keep up with some technological advances. Although technology can streamline your business operations, if your staff aren’t fully trained, it can also cause some problems. Cultivating technological knowledge in the workplace is an essential part of upskilling – don’t neglect it. 

Green Skills Training 

The green economy is soon to take over as the push for sustainability has affected all walks of life – many consumers now consider sustainability to be more important than price when it comes to choosing a product. If you don’t take the steps to develop the necessary green skills, your company could be left behind by the green economy. Investing in green skills training such as retrofit qualifications, as well as investing in sustainable projects and green goals can help you stand out and develop the sustainable business you need. Don’t neglect the green economy – it could be damaging to your business going forward.